I'm Pawara Praweenwongwuth


Hi, I'm Pawara Praweenwongwuth(Giselle). I'm a passionate New Media Design and Web Development student at BCIT, originally from Thailand.
In my past life, I worked as an accountant auditor, but my heart now beats for the dynamic world of development and design.

I believe that development and design complement and enhance each other. This synergy is evident in some of my projects, where their synergy fuels both creativity and functionality.

My passion for design and development, along with my prior position as an auditor, let me approach these fields with experienced professionalism.

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In my free time

On one side, I'm an avid explorer, always eager to venture out, travel to new places, and spend quality time with friends, capturing moments through my lens. Whether it's a picturesque landscape or a candid shot with friends, I'm always ready to seize the moment.

Yet, there's another side of me that finds solace in the comfort of my room. I indulge in my passion for movies and series, immersing myself in captivating storylines and cinematic experiences. And of course to finish my games too.


I thrive on challenging myself and and always looking for new ways to learn and develop. I am passionate about pushing my limit and discovering the extent of my full potential.


I have high standards for myself and continually strive for the greatest results. Even while balancing part-time work and my studies, I remain committed to completing tasks ahead of schedule.

Openness / Courage

From Thailand to Vancouver, I courageously pursued my dreams, adapting to new cultures and switching from accounting to web development abroad. My relentless desire to learn in a non-native language environment defines my journey.